Majalengka : A Crazy 50 Billion Rupiah Religious Hotspot!

Majalengka : A Crazy 50 Billion Rupiah Religious Hotspot!

Hey pals, get ready for some wild news – Majalengka is cooking up something huge, and it’s gonna be a blast! They’re dropping a cool 50 billion Rupiah to build an insane religious tourism spot. Let’s break it down in everyday English, keeping it real for our sixth-grade crew.


Majalengka : Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Check this out – PT Fitra Amanah Wisata and the Majalengka Regency Government (Pemkab) are teaming up. They snagged a chunk of land and are turning it into a rad place called Kertajati Umrah Park. It’s like your favorite squad coming together to make magic happen.

Majalengka : A Crazy 50 Billion Rupiah Religious Hotspot!

Land Glow-Up: From Meh to Amazing 4 Hectares

Imagine a huge plot of land, 9.3 hectares to be exact. PT Fitra Amanah Wisata is basically a land wizard, shrinking it down to a killer 4-hectare religious tourism zone in Kertajati Majalengka, West Java. It’s like turning a massive yard into a spot everyone wants to chill at!


Thursday Vibes: The Big Signature Day

Guess what went down on a regular Thursday? On December 14, 2023, they sealed the deal! It’s like the official stamp saying, “Yep, we’re making something dope together!” This collaboration is like throwing all the best ingredients into the mix to cook up something amazing.


Majalengka Big Dreams: Cash Flow and Happy Faces

So, why all the hustle? Well, they’ve got big dreams, my friends. By using this land smartly, Majalengka wants to attract investments and make more money for the area. It’s like turning a simple idea into a money-printing machine – and who doesn’t love a good money-making plan?


Majalengka Time to Shine: The One and Only Big Shot!

Hold up, this is where it gets lit! They’re saying this religious tourism zone will be a unicorn – the biggest in the whole West Java region. Imagine it like having the craziest theme park in town, and everyone’s gotta check it out. This is Majalengka flexing its awesomeness!


Perfect Timing: Airport Adventures Begin

Here’s the cherry on top – it’s all going down right when the Kertajati International Airport is revving up. You know what that means? It’s like unlocking a brand-new door for folks, especially those rolling in for Hajj and Umrah. Majalengka is making it a cakewalk for them to hit up this epic religious spot!


Alright, in a nutshell, Majalengka is turning a chunk of land into everyone’s dream hangout, and it’s gonna be the talk of the town. So, gear up for the grand opening of Kertajati Umrah Park – Majalengka’s hidden gem in the making! And hey, stay tuned for the craziness that’s about to unfold!