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Season of Birth,
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Genes are Profoundly Affected
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Season of Birth, Marriage & Profession

Law is a Seamless Web - Volume 1

Law is a Seamless Web - Volume 2

Law is a Seamless Web - Volume 3

Law is a Seamless Web - Volume 4

Sky Earth Native America 1
American Indian Rock Art
Petroglyphs Pictographs
Cave Paintings
Earthworks & Mounds as
Land Survey & Astronomy,
Volume 1, Edition 2, 266 pages

Sky Earth Native America 2
American Indian Rock Art
Petroglyphs Pictographs
Cave Paintings
Earthworks & Mounds as
Land Survey & Astronomy,
Volume 2, Edition 2, 262 pages

The Syllabic Origins of Writing
and the Alphabet

Ancient Signs
The Alphabet
& The Origins of Writing

is a print & ebook,
Ancient alphabets as derived
from even more ancient
syllabic scripts

Stars Stones and Scholars:
The Decipherment
of the Megaliths

2003 softcover
2006 hardcover
2014 E-Book

The World is a Wheel within a Wheel - Giordano Bruno

What is the Universe?

Our Genetic Structure

My theory of the universe derives from the observation that every human being is a PART of the universe. We are neither "outside" looking "in" nor "inside" looking "out". We are inside looking inside. Our structure - whatever it is - must be the same as the rest of the definition. For those more "physically" and technically inclined, see my blog at Einstein's Voice, which has some thoughts on various theories of Physics.

In my estimation, what we call "thought" is the universal principle of the universe in action. Just think - what is thought? what is thinking? Thought by its nature is combinatorial... as if it would not tolerate a single, static world. Is this also the mechanism of the universe? Is this the WHY of the universe? Is the creative eternal force of the universe simply the impossibility of a single dimension? Is it an endless "wheel within a wheel" as so described by Giordano Bruno?

None of us can imagine a world perfectly full OR perfectly empty, without a spatial container for absolute mass, or without any limits for an absolute void. One dimension is an impossible thought.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds are equally unthinkable. If there is only an A and B, there must be space between them, C. But the system A B and C must change over time, D, for us to have knowledge of that system, else it would be static and unmoving. D is time. Hence, the "moving world" has four dimensions. Even if there were two or three-dimensional worlds, we could never know them.

Each human being is genetically unique, but if, as current science presumes, there was once a "Big Bang" - then ALL of us trace our humble genetic origins back to a single fiery event in which the atomic material for our genes was created. We were in some way born as stars out of the void.

But such big bangs must by definition be infinite in number and occurrence over the spectrum of time. The universe could not just suddenly have "started up" out of nothing. The universal principle must be

The process of continuous expansion and collapse between "near absolute mass" and "near absolute void" must be endless, for all else is ephemeral. All things are born but also pass away.

Since the universe has infinite time, all possible combinations of particles (and the principles behind them) can and must by definition recur infinitely, so that any given combination eternally repeats itself - except for unconscious periods of "nonexistence" of any given combination. Time has no meaning in infinity.

We are therefore constantly resurrected over immense periods of time, as most of the world´s religions allege, but, of course, without recollection of the "past".  The universe is thus probably even more miraculous than imaginable. We are and we are not.

Ancient History at Lexiline ?
The Megaliths Deciphered ?

LexiLine is site which applies the strict demands of evidence - as these are used in the law - to a study of the History of Man's Civilization, including extensive examination of ancient chronology, cultures, and languages.

One of America's greatest contributions to the rule of law was the modern adoption of the "best evidence" rule. In ancient times, people could be sent to the gallows on hearsay evidence and on the authority of the accuser, which led to great injustice.

Today, the burden of proof is stricter. We go to the best ORIGINAL source. We check and recheck. We ask: "What is really true?"

Many of the humanities, unlike the physical sciences - do not have to prove that their theoretical "motors" actually run (this is also a problem with legal theories - e.g. current drug abuse laws). It is often sufficient if enough prominent names claim that the theories run.

The ill-fated doctrines of Marx and Engels were one example of theoretical blindness to the evidence. Another example is the 40-year mainstream resistance to the decipherment of the Maya hieroglyphs by Knorosow. Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn treat false paradigms at length.

Much of mainstream human history is based on myth, unfounded opinion and just plain hearsay. When we look at the testimony of man's history through the piercing eyes of a cross-examining lawyer, much accepted dogma needs revision. We are still chained by the superstitions and taboos of the witchdoctors of yesteryear.

One of the great enemies of modern science is its smug and deluded view that mankind has come such a long way since the allegedly ignorant stone age forefathers lived on this planet. As the great German thinker Goethe wrote in his famous Faust (my translation of Wagner talking to Faust):

Forgive me! this most consummate delight
To seek the soul of times gone by, in flight,
To look at things as wise men did before,
And how far we have come since days of yore.

Ah yes! Clear to the very distant stars!

Goethe's Faust - the critical and skeptical genius answering to Wagner - who personifies the modern smug and deluded man convinced of his modern superiority to ancient man - is of course scoffing at Wagner, his "educated" naiveness and his "unlearned ignorance".

In Learned Ignorance, Nicholas of Cusa wrote that it is the doubt of knowledge which makes knowledge. The "unlearned ignorance" of modern scholars is no more greatly apparent than in the study of the megaliths, showing that civilized educated man (archaeologist, astronomer, historian, linguist, tourist) is often blind to what he does not wish to see or is not expected to see.

Antoine de St. Exupery wrote that it is only with the heart that one can see truly, and the megaliths show that the heart of modern man needs to be consulted more often. Stone age man, if he lived today, would laugh at our "unlearned ignorance".

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